Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness, benefit research, and provide parent and family education for those affected by SCID.

John and I started this charity in March of 2008 as a memorial to ^Brandon’s^ short life and a tribute to Taylor’s long life with SCID.  Our hope is that one day Taylor will share our passion and join the fight with us. 

We decided it was time for us to do our part and try to make a difference.  Our goal is to have Newborn Screening for SCID passed in ALL 50 states.  That means that every baby born in the US will be screened at birth for SCID.  After all, Knowledge is Power” and ALL babies need to be diagnosed at birth! That’s the only way we can put an end to the pain and suffering these poor children are forced to endure.  If the babies are treated with a bone marrow transplant within the first 3.5 months of birth, their outcome for a healthy, successful, and long life is so much greater.  We have already lost way to many children to this disease and we promise to fight this battle for you.  After all, you are our SCID, Angels for Life.